AVERS company is presented on russian market since 2001.

The main kinds of company activity are:
- distribution of West European food ingredients
- distribution of starches for technical application

AVERS company presents the leading european producers of food
ingredietns on Russian market:
- AVEBE (Netherlands): native and modified starches
- RIXONA (Netherlands): potatoe flakes/ granules/ powder
- CHAUCER FOODS (Great Britain, France): soup/salad croutons,
 freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, yoghurt, cheese
- CODRICO (Netherlands): extruded flour based on different raw material
- ALPINA SAVOIE (France): instant pasta
- DP SUPPLY (Netherlands): powdered fat, creamers and whole milk
 replacers of vegetable origin

AVERS provides the customers with different services as:
- wholesale
- customs clearance
- certification
- transport and logistics
Thereby our company provides the whole service cycle beginning from
the producer up to the customer.

AVERS company means:
- high products quality
- broad assortment of food ingredients
- technological support
- custom tailored service
- wide experience in product/innovative technologies promotion
- warehouses in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg
- regional dealers in Russia
Тел.: (812) 325-37-81, 325-44-50, 326-25-76
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